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Dijimenü Franchise Program

Gain an income as a Dijimenü reseller without investing in infrastructure and technical staff. You do not need to provide start-up capital or pay a fee to join the Dijimenü reseller program. Get in touch with us by filling out the information form to get a merchant agreement that fits your business model, without any commitment or withdrawal fee, and start earning today.

By selling a digital menu with Dijimenü, you can earn additional revenue from your existing customer portfolio or expand your existing customer portfolio. So you can increase your revenue by meeting the demand for magnets, flyers and stickers with the digital menu.

Who is the Dijimenü franchise program for?

Design / Software / Advertising Agencies
Advertising agencies, design firms, IT companies, and technology professionals with a café-restaurant client portfolio can easily participate in the Dijimenü Dealer Program and earn additional revenue from their clients. To find out the most suitable solution and profitability system for your business model, fill out our free application form now.
Photographers, Influencers, Phenomena
If you’re a photographer and actively use social media to promote your favorite places, the Dijimenü Merchant Program is for you. By participating in the merchant program, you can earn extra income from your business. Fill out our free application form now to determine the most suitable solution and profitability system for your business model.
Technology Consultant, Webmaster
For freelance technology consultants it is very easy to become business partners of Dijimenü. Technology consultants and webmasters who do not want to deal with collections, invoices or other accounting details simply fill in the application form to make sales through Dijimenü and earn a steady income with high commissions.

Franchise Advantage

In order to become a digital menu distributor, you do not need to invest in hardware, hire a system specialist, or incur licensing costs. In the dealer program, all infrastructure and stability guarantees are provided by Dijimenü. You can concentrate on your sales and enjoy your satisfied customers. And you can do all this with your existing customer base.

Frequently asked questions about franchise

Dijimenü is a merchant program that requires no investment to sell digital qr menus and online ordering systems and generate income.

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